TINY TICK Resources

Lyme Disease Assoication of Alberta

May 01, 2017

The Lyme Disease Association of Alberta (LDAA) was founded to bring together patients and advocates to learn how to bridge the gaps between patients with Lyme Disease needs and that of the available medical care. The LDAA’s vision is to help all Albertans be aware of the risks, prevention, signs and symptoms of Lyme Disease; with diagnosis and treatment of Lyme Disease being accessible, timely and effective within the province.


This is an amazing organization with an incredible amount of resources and information including: The Basic Information, Signs And Symptoms, Testing for Lyme Disease, Prevention, Tick Removal, Pets and more. Learn more HERE.

Alberta Health Services

May 01, 2017

Alberta Health Services has a tick surveillance program that helps to assess the Lyme Disease risk to Albertans and their pets. This is a great resource link, not only for information on the tick surveillance program, but there’s also information how to remove a tick safely, how to protect yourself from tick bites, information on tick-borne diseases and what is happening in Alberta.


Visit Alberta Health Services Lyme Disease And Tick Surveillance HERE.

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