Health Care Crisis Across Canada Lyme Disease

Heart wrenching story of a young boy who just wants to get better! His parents say it perfectly clear here where they had a lack of support within Canada! Having to go across the boarder and around the world to get help. How? Why? He just wants to get better... why did it take two years to diagnose their son! This is Part One - Click HERE Dan and Lisa have watched their sons health decline. This is Part Two of their story. They want to get the word out about the problems. Thi

Hope for Persistent Lyme Symptoms with New Antibiotic Cocktail

If only it was as simple as a Band-Aid to rid the body of Lyme disease. The perception is that a dose of antibiotics will be the end all, cure all of Lyme. However, it all depends on the severity of the disease and the length the patient has had the disease. Persistent symptoms – which are seen in ten to twenty percent of Lyme patients – are not cured by the current Lyme antibiotic treatment. A new study, recently published March 28, 2019 in Discovery Medicine, suggests that

Passing Lyme Disease To Your Unborn Child

A recent story published by CTV News focused on mothers who are on a mission to prove that Lyme Disease can be passed onto an unborn child. After years of suffering and misdiagnosis they say the mystery was solved when they were tested and treated for Lyme disease. Now this group of Ontario mothers and kids are working on building awareness of the transmission of the disease from mother to child before birth. READ THE STORY HERE. #Borreliaburgdorferi #Lyme #LymeDisease #Mothe

Under-Detection of Lyme Disease in Canada

A simple blood test that could result as negative for the Borrelia infection doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have Lyme disease. A new 22-page report published October 22, 2018 in the journal Healthcare suggests that inadequate diagnosing shows that between only three and four percent of cases are being documented in Canada. The study by Vett Lloyd, a Mount Allison University biology professor, and Dr. Ralph Hawkins, a clinical associate professor at the University of Calga